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Re: Topband: Mystery signal on 1805

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Subject: Re: Topband: Mystery signal on 1805
From: "Tom Rauch" <>
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Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:10:23 -0400
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> For the last few days I have been hearing an AM broadcast
signal on 1805.
> They seem to be some kind of apocalyptic
religious/survivalist station.
> Have not been able to get an ID thru the QRN and heavy
QSB.  The signal
> seems to be intermodulated with another station; I  can
hear another voice
> and music in the background.
> I hear it on two different receivers and every receiving
antenna I have at
> my disposal.  I am wonderig if this is some kind of
spurious mixing product
> that is occurring locally, or does anyone else  hear this
signal?  The QSB
> indicates it is not a product of two local stations
intermodulating with one
> another.

Here's who it is and what I have done. I sent a copy to the
local field engineer at the FCC, but I deleted his e-mail
address  from this copy since it is a non-public address.

If you e-mail Dave Frantz he is usually good about
temporarily correcting the problem. Why it keeps coming
back, I have no idea! But it does.

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Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003 8:57 PM
Subject: WWRB Please, check your transmitters!!
> Dear Sirs:
> WWRB really needs to pull the new transmitters or antennas
> on the air tonight as "Global 4") back off line until
proper filters
> combiners are installed. Your station is incredibly strong
tonight on
> MHz, which is the difference frequency between your 5085
and 6890
> transmitters!
> In addition, there seems to be a low level mix on 3.280
MHz. It looks like
> that one is a 2*5085 - 6890 third order IM product. It is
pretty weak
> but the 1.805 is far beyond what is reasonable in
> Obviously you have a transmitter output mix from power
backfeeding down
> PA from the other transmitter.
> This stuff isn't weak, like the 1.805MHz stuff a few years
from the north
> Georgia location. This new IM is very strong. I'm really
quite surprised
> whoever did the work didn't plan on preventing this, and
didn't check the
> system for spectral purity!
> Tom Rauch

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