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Subject: RE: Topband: Re: Feeding the tower
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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 20:53:38 -0600
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It's best to run the cables inside of the tower.  The tower then tends to
act as a Faraday shield (albeit  imperfectly) thereby further isolating the
cables from the radiating mechanisms.

Riki, K7NJ - 4X4NJ

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Tosy, JE1TSD wrote:

"I'm sorry for giving you my so-delayed question here.  Would you let us
know your idea how 'rotator cable come down all the way to the ground',
in fact?"
That means, for shunt-feeding a tower, that the cable that controls your
beam rotator must come down the tower (taped to a tower leg) to ground
level, and then lies on the ground (or buried) on its way to the radio
shack.  The same applies to any coax cables for beams on the tower.

In other words, those cables should not leave the tower at some height
above ground level.

73, de Earl, K6SE
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