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Topband: CW speed

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Subject: Topband: CW speed
From: "Greg - ZL3IX" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 06:22:39 +1300
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 My two penneth on this.

 I agree with the majority that around 20 wpm is best with QRN-like noise.
 This comes from my time as ZS5K, as well as here in NZ.

 Certainly the speed should not be too fast if the signal is at all 
 A case in point is the signal from HQ9F at my SS yesterday.  He was sending
 at around 30 wpm, and I was unable to copy sufficiently well for  a QSO 
 he first appeared.  I waited while the signal built up, but then 5 min
 before SS he went QRT  (This quite often happens, see a previous post of
 mine over the weekend)

 My point is that if his sending speed had been around 20 wpm, or even 22, 
 would have been copiable earlier, and I may have made the Q!  There was 
 too much of each character being lost at 30 WPM, due to the flutter on his

 73, Greg, ZL3IX

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