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Topband: Need Help IDing Noise

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Subject: Topband: Need Help IDing Noise
From: "Cliff Frescura" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 22:21:21 -0700
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I'm having some noise issues on 160m, 80m and 40m, with 160 the worst.  I
have a couple of theories regarding the source, but wanted to get more
experienced input from the list.

It seems that the noise only comes around at night and seems continuous on
160m.  On 80m and 40m the duration can range from 20 seconds or more with
another period of absence.  This cycle repeats.

Both files are 60 secs and about 5MB each  (160m)    (40m)


Cliff K3LL/6

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