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[TowerTalk] Unique Short Radial Challenge

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Unique Short Radial Challenge
From: "Eric Hilding" <>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 09:06:40 -0700
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OK, this is the where I get to confess my remaining ignorance about  radials
and matching devices on shortened verticals.


I have a ?Unique Short Radial Challenge? for an upcoming 160m portable
situation.  Several of my fellow NCCCers have made some suggestions, and I?m
looking for some additional input before ?measuring twice, cutting once? J


This pix will help:


The Yellow ?X? is where I will be temporarily ground mounting a shortened
160m vertical.


The Yellow lines to the left and right represent what are planned to
actually be two bendy, curvy, zig-zaggy ¼ wave radials.


The Yellow arrow points to the signal target direction over ?SALT WATER?.


The vertical base will be about 20ft above and 15ft back from the water at
high tide (approx a 12 foot fluctuation twice a day).


It has been suggested to also run one ?short radial? down into the water.
As I?ve been looking at the pix, I keep wondering if maybe running at least
four ?short radials? down into the water (sufficiently out for low-tide)
would help?  I realize symmetry of radials is important, but I really can?t
do this going the other direction because of a house, etc.  


Assuming going *into* the water is cool, due to the non-symmetrical  radial
situation, I?m wondering if the matching unit on the Myers Gladiator might
burp?  I also have an HF6-V plus 160m coil (which would be easier to get up
in the rain and high winds), but think the Myers would work better.


Should I ditch the planned two ¼ wave radials and just use a bunch of real
short ones within the allowable 180 degree ground pattern available for
radials (including some into the water)?  If going into the water is OK,
what would be the best method of ?connectivity??  What came to mind was
using some pieces of copper plumbing stuff at the end of the radials.  When
it?s time to pack up, I can see how much has not been eaten away J


Tnx very much for any additional suggestions or lashings.




Rick, K6VVA * The Locust





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