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Re: Topband: Need More Help Getting rid of Router Birdies

To: Brendan Minish <>
Subject: Re: Topband: Need More Help Getting rid of Router Birdies
From: Ed Gray W0SD <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 13:29:26 -0600
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Thanks Brendan for sharing your valuable knowledge.  I have had many, 
many direct e-mails from people with this same problem so your comments 
will be used by others in the hobby.

These are more valuable suggestions.  I have my severe problem cured 
using Larry W7IUV's solution which is so simple I have no motivation at 
this point to pursue it anymore as I have zero birdes now.  However 
based on the sniffer suggestion from you the birdies get extremely loud 
right around the Computer network card in the computer. I would seem 
taking some measures here such as grounding the shell if it is not and 
other things that this area would be the place to work on if one was 
running at 100BaseT and generating more birdies.  It does seem odd that 
three different computers with different computer network cards would 
all not have the shell grounded.  Someday when I have the computer apart 
I will take a close look.

I hope someone who does not get the total results I got with using 
Larry's W7IUV's suggestions that they will pursue this and report on 
them.  I think you are right in that they can generally be resolved.

Some comments have been made that this should not show up at 160M and as 
far as a direct router radiation this well may be true.  I can assure 
you that the birdie generated(I believe on the Computer Network card) 
showed up on 160M big time in the DX Window and petty much wiped it out. 
  It was S9+20 db. so for me curing this problem was essential to my 
ability to work DX using the DX window on 160M.


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