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Re: Topband: Silver Solder Techniques

Subject: Re: Topband: Silver Solder Techniques
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 09:18:34 EST
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Tree et al:
I use MAPP gas (methylacetylenepropadiene) to silver solder radial  wires to 
copper strap and to make splices between wires.  All i use to  clean the 
connection is a piece of steel wool, no flux.  The heat from the  MAPP gas will 
further burn away any oxidation on the copper and get the silver  solder to 
well.  In the radio business we also used oxygen and  acteylene as well, but 
MAPP gas is cheaper and easier to haul around for ham  radio purposes.
Once the joint is made it is virtually indestructible from weather,  etc. Goose, W8AV

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