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From: "Joe Subich, W4TV" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 10:30:50 -0400
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Herb wrote: 

> But as far as increase radiation efficiency it appears to have
> been a self sustaining urban legend which Tom, W8JI and Joe, 
> W4TV have recognized some time ago.

All of the credit for debunking the myth goes to Tom, W8JI.  I 
have only referred people to Tom's work. 

On the other hand, since the folded monopole does provide an easier 
way of feeding and matching a short grounded tower in addition to 
increased bandwidth it is worthy of consideration in many cases. 
The idea that the folded monopole (or any other "multiple downlead" 
antenna where the downleads are closely spaced) provides reduced 
ground losses is not supported by Physics.  


   ... Joe, W4TV 

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