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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 11:40:00 -0400
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Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
> Herb wrote: 
>> But as far as increase radiation efficiency it appears to have
>> been a self sustaining urban legend which Tom, W8JI and Joe, 
>> W4TV have recognized some time ago.
> All of the credit for debunking the myth goes to Tom, W8JI.  I 
> have only referred people to Tom's work. 
> On the other hand, since the folded monopole does provide an easier 
> way of feeding and matching a short grounded tower in addition to 
> increased bandwidth it is worthy of consideration in many cases. 
> The idea that the folded monopole (or any other "multiple downlead" 
> antenna where the downleads are closely spaced) provides reduced 
> ground losses is not supported by Physics.  
> 73, 
>    ... Joe, W4TV 

As a long-time user of the "folded umbrella" on 160, I am very grateful 
to the late John Haerle, WB5IIR, who brought the antenna to my attention 
in his article in Ham Radio Magazine and in his little book called "The 
Easy Way."  The thing works and is relatively easy to put up and get 
working.  Haerle's erroneous claim regarding decreased ground losses has 
resulted in most of the attention given to the antenna to be of a 
critical nature.  That's too bad, because if you have a 50-75 ft tower 
and want to get on 160 with a low angle radiator, this antenna would get 
you there with modest effort and very low cost!


Ken - K4XL

Ken K4XL

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