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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 23:32:46 -0700
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Craig said:
There is no magic receiving antenna either in an off-the-shelf configuration
or one that is home brewed. 

Every design has its compromises, limitations or deficiencies. 

     I agree with the statement as its true. In addition
every location for a receiving antenna has its compromises,limitations
or deficiencies. Also in addition every purpose for a receiving antenna 
has its compromises, limitations or deficiencies. Quite a complex 
matrix looking for a simple solution.
    However my reason for responding is that as an inventor of receiving
antennas its a good thing I never believed there is no magic or any
 reason to minimize the compromises, limitations or deficiencies.
    I have been at this receiving antenna experimenting for probably 15
years now and there have been a couple of times now that I have kicked
 back in my radio room chair and exclaimed to myself (Thats freakin magic).
   The whole idea of receiving a single signal at one time is to point at that
signal and only that signal hopefully eliminating all else from the receiver. 
Now that sounds kind of silly but I have to tell you we are getting closer year
 by year. Look at all the work to pinpoint signals by Tom W8JI. He has 28
 Beverages in one system plus 8 element arrays and who else knows what
 by now. He is pinpointing signals. Look at Victor K1LT and what he has
 done with computer steering of several different types of arrays. Very quickly
 pinpointing signals on the fly by computer control of his arrays. 
    I have been using 2 separate 8 element arrays plus 3 bidirectional
 Beverages for comparison purposes. I have been using diversity reception
listening to a different antenna in each ear. If you have not had this 
 I will tell you with confidence this is "magic" to me. In addition, I have been
 experimenting with an unusual application of the human brain to separate audio
sounds coming from either 4 or 8 directions simultaneously in a receiving booth 
in an effort to maintain the signal to noise ratio of each. Will it work I dont 
know, but
I have made a lot of things before that did not. I have also made a few that 
 me smile for days as magic.
      I am putting the finishing touches on a 3 element shortened vertical 
 that will fit in most backyards and outperform the K9AY loop in a smaller 
 I will share this design on my website. If that is not magic, at least I 
shouted Ah hah!
 The compromises are coming down slowly. Just maybe someday there will be no
 compromises, limitations or deficiencies. We are learning about designing 
receiving systems and not just antennas.
   In short, I cant accept your Every design comment. I would be just another
 bored old retired guy griping about the traffic and lack of sunspots with no 
 Lee   K7TJR  OR
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