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Topband: Cushcraft MA160 Vertical questions

Subject: Topband: Cushcraft MA160 Vertical questions
From: Bill Tippett <>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2010 08:44:55 -0400
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 > 3.  Does anyone use the DX Engineering RX antenna array for the 
low bands on a typical suburb lot for RX with this antenna.  If not, 
what are you using for a small lot for 160M?  We are using a Alpha 
Delta B 30-160M sloper which is a lot quiter but even with the high 
noise of the MA160V, it is hearing much more D in the noise- so we 
are looking for an alternative 160M listening system but the DX 
Engineering array seems very expensive- yet we don't have room for 
much else- Any suggestions?

         You should consider the Hi-Z 3-element system:

Lee K7TJR also offers 4 and 8 element versions which have similar 
performance to DXE but much less expensive.  The 3 element version is 
probably best for a very small space (50' X 50').

                                 73,  Bill  W4ZV

UR RST IS ... ... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK

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