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Re: Topband: 5R8X

Subject: Re: Topband: 5R8X
From: "Dave Anderson, K4SV" <>
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 06:13:41 -0800 (PST)
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Hi Carl,

 Their operation has been sparse.  They said on two occasions when I asked them 
about being QRV on 160 on another band they said "160 NG" and "160 soon" that 
was 4 days ago.

It would be nice to hear what is going on there such as QRN or lost antenna or 

Hope there is not some big problem,

Dave Anderson, K4SV
Tryon, NC
 828 777-5088

From: "" <>
Sent: Fri, November 5, 2010 3:50:54 AM
Subject: Topband: 5R8X

Any info about 5R8X´s topband activities? I worked them on 80 and they said:
"QRV 160 soon" so I didn´t go to sleep until their sunrise (this was
yesterday) but nothing heard. They have been spotted on 160 but very
73 Carl SM6CPY

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UR RST IS ... ... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK

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