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Topband: HZ3 and MA160V in wet weather

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Subject: Topband: HZ3 and MA160V in wet weather
From: BRYON PAUL n0ah VEAL <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 08:40:11 -0700
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Thx for all the referrals guys to the HZ3- we must have had 16 private emails 
suggesting them- ....unfortunately, they have had a major price increase sinced 
we first contacted them just last week and they are no longer selling direct, 
but rather through a distributor. Looks like a few days in our decision process 
priced us out- so W0ANT and I are still in the market looking at options for 
RX- The K9AY loop won't work with the kids and dogs in the backyard, so now we 
are looking at DX'Engineering's options with their 2 rx vertical sysyem or may 
be making a small loop or 1/4 wave flag-- we might even play around with a 
magnetic loop- The best rx antenna we have right now for topband goes back and 
forth between the T-8 and the MA8040V.........small backyards and top band rx 
antenna affordability is not fun-  Hoping by the ARRL 160M test, we can find a 
great "affordable" rx antenna system for the low bands-
Updates on the new MA160V, the wet snow we had in Denver a couple of days ago 
lowered the resonant point by  25KHz......Of note, adjusting the stinger length 
4 inches adjusted the resonant point from 1.820MHz to I guess 
a 1 inch move on the MA160V stinger is about a 2.5KHz move.....on the MA80/40V, 
one inch adjusts the resonant point by 25KHz!   I think if one wanted to get 
all the way up at the top of the band, you might want to experiment by removing 
one of the cap rods along with lowering the stinger- We found we had to do this 
in comnination with the MA80/40V anytime we want to go and mess around the top 
oof 75M.......

 73  Paul  N0AH
      Anna  W0ANT

UR RST IS ... ... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK

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