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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 15:42:24 -0500
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Here is a note I sent to the YCCC reflector re the 5R8X Monday opening. It
was written in response to K1WHS's lament over the behavior of the pile-up.
I will add that much of what Tree shared is what we experienced while at
PJ4X for the CQ SSB test two weeks ago on all bands:


There was a lot of pent-up demand for 5R8X as up until the last two nights,
there was very little propagation/operation from them on 160. I was
listening to them on 80 when they announced they were moving to 160. I was
one of the first to QSY and start calling them immediately on 1823.5 and was
aced out by W0FLS in Iowa. Right after that, the "serious" pile-up began. I
called until I had to leave for my 8:40pm Monday night hockey game and never
worked them. 

As for the jamming and interference you were detailing from last night,
IMHO, there are three issues: the production and sale  of transceivers that
include 160 starting with the Yaesu FT101B, the implementation of six band
DXCC and packet pile-ups. The "however" is in my 38 years on the band, there
have always been a few malcontents going back to the LORAN portioned bands
and power restrictions. Back in those days, most DX transmitted in the
"window" and listened outside. Now with DX spread up and down the band and
no real window anymore, the problem has become more of an issue. Woe be to
you who transmitted in the window. Six band DXCC is desirous to some and a
passion to others. Then there is packet. I have found that many of the
problems are created by those who are "alligators," all mouth and no ears.
They see a packet spot and rush to work the station yet really cannot hear
them all that well. Some get frustrated and vent their anger in QRM'ing.
Others are just malicious. Fun for them is jamming a DX operation. 

Is 160 still the "gentleman's" band? Forty years ago, hams went to hamfests
in coats and ties and you always dressed up when you flew. Today, that has
all changed. By and large, working 160 is still fun. If I were to point a
finger at the biggest change, I would say packet radio has altered the
dynamic of tuning, listening and being aware of who is going to be on the
band at any given time.


Craig Clark K1QX
PO Box 209
Rindge NH 03461
603 899 6957

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