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Topband: antenna basics

Subject: Topband: antenna basics
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 11:30:33 -0800
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here is what i plan to do, i hope i have the correct procedure

at present i have a 1/2 wave inverted L up 125 or so and over 125 or so,
can't remember what exact dimensions are

i plan to drop the far end and pull it back to the bottom of the tree, so
i have a kind of fat 1/4 wave wire.

should be off the ground by about 20 feet (ladder high!), and should be
about 15 feet wide at 3/4 the way up the tree

attach two 130 foot radials and connect with RG8 coax down to the shack
about 30 feet away

make a two or three turn loop at the end of the coax and check resonance
with my heathkit grid dip oscillator
( i could fire up the 833a and find the freq where the SWR is lowest?)

change length of the antenna until resonant at 1.8 mcs

and i will be good to go

any suggestions from you good people?

i live on the side of a cliff and only two radials can be run
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