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Re: Topband: 4 Direction Reversible Beverages Remote Control via CoaxFee

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Subject: Re: Topband: 4 Direction Reversible Beverages Remote Control via CoaxFeedline
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Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 11:15:10 -0400
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Im about ready to beat my head against a similar wall. Currently there are 4 
two wire reversibles plus an almost BOG pointed at a noisy neighbor. Two 
more reversibles are planned as this past season was more for system 
evaluation and determine the directions needing work. Im very happy with the 
reversibles after spending considerable time with binocular transformers and 
the ground systems.

Right now Im using a pair of Ameritron RCS-4's plus a coax switch in the 
shack to select between those and the BOG. Obviously its not very operator 
efficient plus the RCS-4 has very poor isolation. At present the reversibles 
are fed with dual coax but the termination boxes have room for the relay 

I picked up a couple dozen very high isolation microwave rated DIP style 
24VDC relays from a surplus dealer and would like to use those as much as 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated before I attempt to reinvent the 


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Subject: Topband: 4 Direction Reversible Beverages Remote Control via 

> Hey all,
> I was wondering if anyone has built  a circuit to control the switching of 
> a
> pair of two-wire reversible beverages, using only the coaxial feed to 
> carry
> the control
> signals.  The usual design calls for 3 DPDT relays.  One relay is used for
> beverage selection and one each for direction and unused port termination.
> In other words, one relay for the NE/SW directions, another relay for the
> NW/SE directions and the third relay is used to select between the two
> reversible beverages.  The truth table is straight forward, but the
> circuitry to accomplish this is beyond this old, feeble brain addled with
> advanced CRS.  I can't figure out the circuitry (diode matrix?) to route 
> the
> control signals to the 3 relays.  I understand how to isolate DC from RF,
> through the bias-T method and I've seen designs using positive, negative 
> and
> AC to accomplish 'generic' remote antenna switching.  Maybe I can use a
> similar method to build the control switch back at the shack and the 
> remote
> relay box.  Any of your suggestions, diagrams or references would be 
> greatly
> appreciated.
>                                    73 de Walt - K2WK
>                                    Gordonsville, VA
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