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Re: Topband: My take on ARRL 160

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Subject: Re: Topband: My take on ARRL 160
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Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 09:02:50 -0500
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Since the RIT is the weapon of choice many do not pay attention to the 
offset that is being tuned and simply walk up and down a bit picking out the 
next caller that falls in THEIR passband.


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Subject: Re: Topband: My take on ARRL 160

> I'm using a K3 with pretty much all the bells & whistles sans FM & 2
> meters. It's calibrated "perfectly" with WWV and I know it's on
> frequency that's displayed. I was S&P for all but the early daylight
> hours when I called CQ to add a few extra Q's from the other S&Ps out
> there.
> When I'm in a CW contest and the band is crowded, I run my digital
> filter at 50 Hz with a 250 Hz crystal filter engaged so I'm pretty
> much dead on someone's transmit frequency and I was amazed how many
> people are listening off their frequency during the contest. They
> were calling CQ and I'd get no reply but still hear them answering
> another station. I'd widen the skirt and hear them work someone say
> 300Hz +/- up or down from their transmit freq. I'd go split & match
> their Rx freq and bang, there was the Q. I'd leave split & go back to
> 50 Hz and most people were Tx & Rx on the same freq but some people,
> quite a few really, definitely aren't listening to their transmit
> freq.
> Gary
> KA1J
>> I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting on frequency.
>> Make sure you can zero beat and get EXACTLY on frequency of the
>> station you are calling. It is amazing to me how many people cannot
>> seem to do that. I always have callers 200 and even 300 Hz high and
>> low, and then they wonder why I don't hear them. I don't hear them
>> because 200 to 300 Hz away is someone else's run frequency and I am
>> forced to use a 200 Hz filter with very steep skirts. That is how
>> crowded the band is during this contest. It does no good for me to
>> tune for off frequency callers. A distant caller who is S5 but
>> insists on calling under another running station who is S9+20 or
>> more is not likely to be heard. At least not by me!
>> Those are my comments. I'll go back to being silent now.
>> 73,
>> Paul N1BUG
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