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Topband: Radials over a stone wall

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Subject: Topband: Radials over a stone wall
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Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 08:51:56 -0700
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Good morning to everyone

A technique I've seen used to go under a road or surface obstruction is to 
dig work-pit holes on opposite sides and use a hydraulic-jack laying on its 
side with its base pressing against a steel-plate or block of wood 
positioned against the back-side of the access pit. The jack's 
extending-post then presses against the end of a 'penetration pipe' whose 
length is increased by adding additional sections.

If the soil is basically rock-free you could use a garden hose with one of 
those axially-thin adjustable spray nozzles set to generate a thin jet of 
water and feed it under the object. This technique might require a nozzle 
fitted on the end of a two-foot long guide-pipe to keep the path pretty 
straight. The eroded dirt flows back out of the hole along the hose/pipe 
into your work pit.

As a kid I lost about 20-feet of hose digging a 'hole' straight into the 
ground after turning off the water and the slurry settled in around the 

73 Dick/w7wkr/CN98pi 

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