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Re: Topband: DX window

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Subject: Re: Topband: DX window
From: "Steve Ireland" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 16:12:55 +0800
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...and that loss of the DX window is sadly, dear readers, why you will
seldom hear DX stations outside of Europe and North America CQing on 160m in
the CQ contests.

We 'search and pounce' and the loud Eu and NA superstations who can hold a
frequency benefit. For those not blessed with a four-square or a big
vertical and lots of watts (i.e. the vast majority), this means looking for
us outside of a contest is the way.

Bit of a shame really, but that's (so-called) progress.

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ    


"That so called dx window on 160m does not exist...It hasn't existed for
many years."

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