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Re: Topband: High performance RX antenna at T6LG

To: "Victor Goncharsky" <>
Subject: Re: Topband: High performance RX antenna at T6LG
From: "Arunas LY2IJ" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 15:43:49 +0200 (EET)
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I used not shielded CAT6 UTP, 24AWG, Greg measured also not shielded
but CAT5 UTP. Impedance is 100 Ohm according all CAT5/6/7 specifications.

Simple 4 : 3 transformers (or better to say BalUns in this case) on our
"usual" mix 73 binocles were used on every pair. I think good
for both 50 and 75 Ohm systems.


>  Arunas,
> Was it shieded FTP-5, SFTP-5 or just unshieded UTP-5 
> At work we measured the single pair impedance being around 100 Ohm on 10
> MHz. Do you use any kind balun-transformer at the receiving end?
> We make video survailance equipment transmitting composite video via
> twisted pair up to 1 km.
> Planning to use this method to get signal from remote FLAGS etc.
> 73 Vic US5WE 

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