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Topband: Palomar R-X Noise Bridge

Subject: Topband: Palomar R-X Noise Bridge
From: <>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 23:18:07 -0600
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I have a question about using the noise bridge. I have used it cut stubs to 1/4 
wavelength using 52 ohm cable with no problems. I now need some stubs using 75 
ohm cable which I have on hand.

   Will the same procedure work for 75 ohm that works for 52 ohm cable, or will 
the different impedance need to be accounted for. I started to cut cable and 
this question came to me. My first thought is that it will work fine, but I am 
not sure. I did some searches on the web but found nothing about it. Any help 
would be appreciated.

                                                    Thanks, Pat Armstrong  KF5YZ
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