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Re: Topband: Palomar R-X Noise Bridge

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Absolutely and I had the pleasure of meeting him and hear him speak.

Unfortunately his very public arguments with Warren Bruene in QEX and elsewhere over the "Conjugate Match" and then showing up on various forums to publicly push his last book as part of his legacy (which contains his final words on the subject with no further discussion) while the battle was still in progress was a bit dissapointing. Several tried to engage him in a discussion but he didnt want to be challenged and the subject was pulled out of respect for all the good he has done over his long career.


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Walt surely did "know his stuff" and he published some great material!!

Charlie, K4OTV

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Maxwell sort of stumbled on it in later years with those tiny beads that
seriously overheated with most amps. We "started" with the type that fit
over RG-213 and went from there to custom made, the big donuts, and sheet
products from pioneers such as Arnold.

Walt Maxwell was not only a real nice guy, he knew his stuff. Walt was a
senior antenna design engineer for RCA, including satellite antennas.

It is outrageous to say Walt Maxwell "sort of stumbled" on something so
simple, and that heating of beads relates to amplifiers. The heating is much

more an issue of abnormal common mode impedances, rather than power levels.
Walt's article, along with articles by Lewallen, accelerated use of common
mode chokes and current baluns. They got us away from those silly voltage
baluns people were using.

People who don't understand how things work are the people who spend a
lifetime "sort of stumbling" on things. Why, I remember when Walt patiently

taught me how conductor losses dominated transmission line loss, and why
that was important! :-)

73 Tom

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