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Topband: ARRL160 Test conditions

Subject: Topband: ARRL160 Test conditions
From: "Gary Smith" <>
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2014 14:06:06 -0500
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I'm running QRP in the contest and found 
for some reason I can't hear much DX as 
other years. Lots of stateside & VE 
contacts but just not much else from my 
QTH. I've only been able to make three 5 
point Qs and sure QRP is big in that but I 
can't hear them this year using my same 
equipment as always, K3 & HI-Z Triangular 
& right on the ocean.

I find it interesting how fast some 
stations fire off their CQ tests, often so 
fast I find replying even with my short 
call, they are starting a new CQ when I'm 
done replying. Guess they are listening 
for a strong signal and if its not heard 
instantly, they kick the machine to keep 
the flywheel going. Must work for them but 
they have to be losing on DX stations.

I've made a fair amount of Q's so I'm 
getting my signal out but it's a personal 
challenge to not be able to work everyone 
I hear. Maybe tonight will be some 
different. I'm definitely having fun.

Good luck to all,


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