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Topband: That 1.9 MHz radar signal...

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Subject: Topband: That 1.9 MHz radar signal...
From: Doug Grant <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 23:35:42 +0000
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I got a call back today from the program manager in San Diego that
runs a large sea-surface radar program. She sounded genuinely
concerned about this thing and has asked some of the site operations
people if they were aware of a system at 1.9 MHz, and also called the
equipment vendor.

Nobody on that project or at the vendor is aware of anything running
at 1.9. Their systems don't operate below 4.8 MHz.

She also said that there is a conference call tomorrow among leaders
of several projects and she will raise the issue and call me back.
Perhaps one of her colleagues is aware of a test system or
experimental system at 1.9 MHz.

Stay tuned, and any additional reports are welcome...I think we have
narrowed it down to something in the Maine/New Brunswick.Nova Scotia


Doug K1DG
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