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Topband: 8 circle: DXE vs Hi-Z

Subject: Topband: 8 circle: DXE vs Hi-Z
From: Bob Tabke <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 17:02:41 -0700
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I'm new to 160 and am planning to add an 8-circle. I would like to buy commercial preamps and the controller. I would greatly appreciate any advice on the choice of preamp/controller vendor.

I live in a rural area and have a 4-direction 3-ele vertical array for 160 with a 20+ dB f/b. So I'm looking for a beamwidth improvement on receive. Here are a couple questions:

- Are the functions of the control network the same or similar between DXE and Hi-Z? (so I could use either one?)

- DXE wants a 320' diameter and Hi-Z wants 200' for optimum performance. It's hard to tell what DXE performance is because it does not disclose RDF, beam width or F/B. And neither vendor supplies EZNEC files so I can see the effect of varying the layout. So I'm not sure how to decide what array size is best for me. It would be wonderful if someone has a model for these two systems.

- If I use DXE, is it a no-brainer to use 24' verticals instead of the shorter supplied whips?

- are there any best practices for weatherproofing the Hi-Z components?

- are there any build-quality differences between the two that I should consider? I live in MT, so it is a harsh environment.


Bob, N7IP
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