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Re: Topband: Recommended Antennas for 160M/80M Receiving

To: "Mack McCormick" <>
Subject: Re: Topband: Recommended Antennas for 160M/80M Receiving
From: "Joel Harrison" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 15:27:21 -0600
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My actual on-the-air test and experience at my QTH in Arkansas has
revealed the 8 vertical array systems outperform beverages. I wrote an
article with graphs showing the signal performance difference over one low
band season that I can direct you to if you are interested and also
provide some additional info on my experience.

I still have nine Beverages operational but this will most likely be the
last year I have them, retiring them in favor of the two vertical arrays
that I run.

Beverages are great low band RX antennas and I have been very successful
with them, as well as learning a heck of a lot about them over the years,
so do not take my response as being negative toward Bev's. At my QTH the
vertical arrays are better performers.

73 Joel W5ZN

> Friends,
> I need to really increase my country count on 160M so I've decided to
> installed dedicated receiving antennas. My home is on a 6 acre rectangular
> lot so I have room for a couple of 800 ft beverages at 90 degree angles or
> an 8 element circular array.
> I've been carefully following the discussion about the merits of various 8
> element arrays and beverages.
> *I "believe" the consensus is that a set of bi-directional beverages will
> generally perform better than any 8 element circular array. Am I correct?
> I'm specifically speaking about working countries on 160M and 80M.*
> I also "believe" the bi-directional antenna choices come down to two
> flavors.
> The DXEngineering ladder line version or the BevFlex-4 that uses RG-6.
> *I'm
> leaning toward the BevFlex-4.*
> I would REALLY appreciate your views on the recommended receive antenna
> system if space and money are not big concerns. I'd like to do it
> correctly
> one time and the first time.
> Vy 73,
> Mack
> W4AX
> _________________
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