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Re: Topband: 160m Sloping Vertical Antenna?

Subject: Re: Topband: 160m Sloping Vertical Antenna?
From: Art Roberts - W5AER <>
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 18:39:19 -0500
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On the thought of a low dipole:

Years ago in Northern California, as an experiment, I had a VERY low dipole and got some strange results. Listening to a local station, in the afternoon, there was very deep QSB. We were able to talk, but with difficulty.

Art  W5AER

On 12/24/2014 4:53 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
On Wed,12/24/2014 1:05 PM, Jorge Diez CX6VM wrote:
Half of one of the half go to the other side, like an inverted V

That would be a pretty low dipole on 160M, and verticals tend to be far more effective on 160M than low dipoles.

73, Jim K9YC
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