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Topband: 4 sq TX or 8 el rx antenna on sloping ground...

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Subject: Topband: 4 sq TX or 8 el rx antenna on sloping ground...
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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 20:03:21 -0600
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Hello all...

please forgive me if this is a not so smart question.... I ask it because after 
having done some research, both with ON4UN’s book and on this site I’ve not 
really seen an answer. Several people have posed this question over a number of 
years with nary a reply...

Ground: the area I have where I can put either a 4 sq tx array (this is for 80 
by the way) or a possible 8 element (113’ diameter) RX array slopes from one 
corner upward another 15’ over ~330’. Is this an issue? Can this be modeled 
(not that I have the tools or the knowledge to do so)? For this array the 
difference from one corner worse case to the opposite corner (where the 
verticals would be) is about 2 –3’ so I’m not so worried about that change... 
the radials however would be sloping up hill on one side (as much as 7’ over 
the ~66’ length) and down on the opposite side (3’ over its length).

Is it any different if I instead plant a 113’ diameter 8 element RX array here 
(for 160/80)? Does it like this better, worse, or the same? 

Thanks for any considered response...

Gary, K9RX

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