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Re: Topband: 4 sq TX or 8 el rx antenna on sloping ground...

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Subject: Re: Topband: 4 sq TX or 8 el rx antenna on sloping ground...
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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 18:58:22 -0800
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Hello Gary,
   I struggled with this for some time and then one day it occurred to me to 
simply slant some verticals in Eznec at the angle in question. The only affect 
in reasonably small angles that I could detect was that the takeoff angle 
simply followed the  ground slope. That is: the angle was higher on the higher 
ground side and lower on the lower ground side. The pattern simply followed the 
slope of the ground. I do not know how accurate this is in practice however 
there were no difficulties running it in Eznec.
  As far as High impedance receiving arrays, do not raise the elements to make 
the array flat. You must place them at ground level for each element.

 Lee  K7TJR  OR

Ground: the area I have where I can put either a 4 sq tx array (this is for 80 
by the way) or a possible 8 element (113’ diameter) RX array slopes from one 
corner upward another 15’ over ~330’. Is this an issue? Can this be modeled 
(not that I have the tools or the knowledge to do so)? For this array the 
difference from one corner worse case to the opposite corner (where the 
verticals would be) is about 2 –3’ so I’m not so worried about that change... 
the radials however would be sloping up hill on one side (as much as 7’ over 
the ~66’ length) and down on the opposite side (3’ over its length).

Is it any different if I instead plant a 113’ diameter 8 element RX array here 
(for 160/80)? Does it like this better, worse, or the same? 

Thanks for any considered response...

Gary, K9RX

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