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Topband: Speculating via Stew posted scores

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Subject: Topband: Speculating via Stew posted scores
From: James Rodenkirch <>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 03:56:36 -0700
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 Is there a way via Stew results to measure the concentration of Qs... with 
relation to the distance of the Q?

For example, looking over the scores posed at the 3830 web site one finds 
N9FT's QSOs to point ratio is 3 pts. while K5GO has a ratio of 8.1.
On the surface, one would draw the conclusion.. that K5GOs Qs were farther 
away, suggesting an antenna system geared to lower elevation of radiation while 
N9FT's antenna may favor shorter hauls?
Also, propagation and local noise enter into the discussion as well....and, 
can't discount more QRP Qs for K5GO, perhaps.  

My QRP friend, WC7S, and I consider all of this one of the joys of working the can draw/speculate loose conclusions from the scores... sorta. Then 
one goes to to see f the stations of interest list equipment and 
antennas and them MORE speculation crops up ---- all of this should be 
undertaken during happy hour!
72 to all, Jim Rodenkirch  K9JWV  
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