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Topband: SP conditions from super-station

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Subject: Topband: SP conditions from super-station
From: Guy Olinger K2AV <>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 15:54:59 -0500
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W3LPL is the only station I know of that has worked a major DX test
accomplishing five-band DXCC 160m through 15. Frank has an exceptional
station for 160m.

N3QE, an excellent op, operated W3LPL for the Stew Perry, with this in his


"Very little DX. I worked one DL, one S5, and one OK. Before EU sunrise I
worked KH6LC and KH6AT just minutes apart from each other. No KL7 heard.
The "EU sunrise" enhancement was confined solely to a little cluster of
G/GM/EI and a PA who called in probably after his sunrise."


If he couldn't get it from there, very little chance for the rest of us to
work a lot of DX.

I think that the real winners in this TBDC will be those CA stations who
could work dozens and dozens of 12 pointers in that neat 03Z-ish opening,
that must have been that quiet not-quite-dark period for left coast where
they could hear very well.

73, Guy
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