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Re: Topband: Summer Update & a Surprise

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Subject: Re: Topband: Summer Update & a Surprise
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Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2019 13:20:24 +0200
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In my humble opinion, FT8 should have nothing to do with the competitors of
DXCC Mix, CW, SSB or RTTY. RTTY emission was killed in short wavelengths,
expeditions in the increasing percentage use FT8 as the basic emission and
this is not due to the lack of propagation. I think, the issue of FT8 should
be treated as a separate competition not included in DXCC Mix, CW, SSB and
digital. Then we can talk about competition. Otherwise, it loses the value
of DXCC from before FT8. The discussions on this list about receiving
antennas, the fight against QRM, etc. will end.


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Hi Topbanders !

Everything is easy to fix.

There should be a strict separation of achievements -

1. They are made only by man.

2. They are made only on the computer.

Delete Mixed Achievement Chart :

And then FT8 (and many future FTs ....) will lose popularity.

Only children will play with them ...

Nick, UY0ZG

Peter Sundberg писал 2019-07-31 20:31:
> If we CW operators would all stay on a very tight frequency passband
> and call CQ every 15 seconds I bet there would be a lot of interesting
> things happening to us also. Especially if we do it 24/7 or at least
> every hour that we are not asleep.
> However, PC-automation has it's advantages, some are at work while
> working DX and others are gardening. Some even sit by the radio/PC and
> watch things happen :-)
> Bottom line is, we need to activate our transmitters more and not just
> listen for others. A perfect example is Bill KH7XS who opens up almost
> any seemingly "dead" band to Europe, at any time, just by calling CQ
> for a while.
> CW is not only great fun as you say Dave, CW is King!
> 73
> Peter SM2CEW
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