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Subject: [TowerTalk] Screw Anchors
From: (Tom Frenaye)
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 19:37:15 -0400
At 10:42 AM 7/1/98 -0500, Raymond Dave-CSUS04 wrote:
>The biggest problem I've seen with screw in anchors has nothing to do
>with the "screw" portion pulling out of the soil.  I have witnessed one
>situation where the  welds that hold the screw to the rod failed. . .
>the rod pulled nicely out of screw, leaving the screw portion in place.
>Needless to say, the tower went down.  Fortunately, it was not mine.  

        Something else to consider with screw-in or concrete anchors...  I had 
        (screw-in) pull out during a modest hurricane (about 75 mph) several 
        ago.  Turns out that nice looking soil was fill from when the house was 
        in the 1950s - not quite what I should have used.  Fortunately, the 
        (100' Rohn 45) leaned against a nearby tree and got tangled in my 80/160
        dipoles (using #12 copperweld).  The lean was only about 15% so it was
        eventually possible to put in a new concrete anchor and use a 
        tower crew to readjust things.

   What caused the original anchor failure was a 4" branch that fell on a
        guy wire (not the one that pulled out).  The tower leg buckled out about
3" and
        was curved outward for about 12".  The tower base shifted as well 
        crack visible about 2' out from the tower most of the way around).  A 
   crew cut out the damaged section, put in a stronger piece and I primed and
        repainted it.  

    Insurance was very helpful.  No more screw-in anchors at this QTH.

                                73 Tom
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