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[TowerTalk] Attaching conduit to concrete?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Attaching conduit to concrete?
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 11:52:32 -0400
If you wanna attach to concrete the easiest thing to do is use your 3/8"
VSR Drill and:

I)      Buy a package of Tap-Con (or clone) concrete screws...most come with a
masonry bit in the package...I highly recommend you use the kind with the
hex heads , and eventually drive them with a socket in your drill motor....

II)     After determining the hole location use the masonry bit to drill the
pilot holes for the screws...I usually make them a little deeper than the
length of the screw as sometimes all of the concrete dusts does not get
pulled out of the hole by the bit and this allows that dust a place to

III)    Pass the masonry screw through your faster and drive it on in with the
drill motor and socket....done.

It is very easy, again I recommend using a socket as opposed to a phillips
or flat head screwdriver bit in the drill...I just did a fistful of these
while installing a partition wall on a concrete slab...the six screws were
drilled and driven in probably under ten not even consider
shields, etc...ain't worth it any more.  If you have one of those amazing
screwdriver kits with a bit for everything, it probably contains sockets -
or at least a 1/4" drive adapter which you can use with the right sized
socket for the job.....these suckers are in all the big box home
improvement places....try it - you' like it!  Or if you do not have one of
the any possible screwdriver in the world combo kits, but the adapter for
your drill to a quarter inch drive socket...couple with a deepwell socket
you can run those nuts down on a long u-bolt in a zip... 

BUT - do NOT pass your guy anchors through the heart of the tower....MY
APOLOGIES to the t-t reflector for the forwarding a poor idea....and to
those who have such installations, I think the points sighted by W8FAW are
ones you should pay heed.  SORRY to speak.


Jim, K4OJ

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