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[TowerTalk] AB105 - The Curse

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Subject: [TowerTalk] AB105 - The Curse
From: (Gareth Crispell)
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 16:36:50 -0400 wrote:
> The Curse of Ft. Huachuca
> by Tom Taormina, K5RC
> The next morning, the workings of the Curse of Ft. Huachuca became crystal
> clear to me. That tower was never up in any one place very long. It fell twice
> and was taken down at least four times. Everyone that had it in their
> possession experienced varying degrees of family and financial problems.
> Whether you are given to believe in the unexplained or inanimate objects
> having a spirit, I believe that in this case the Indian gods did not intend
> for that tower to be standing vertically. In deference to the evidence, it is
> now on its way to a nameless scrap metal yard, in an obscure city, where it
> will rest in peace,  horizontally polarized.

Holy Catfish!   Do you have a dog named "Lucky" by any chance?

de ... N1MSV 
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