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[TowerTalk] Gettin Sticky With Lmr 400 db, Flame-Out avoid'nce

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gettin Sticky With Lmr 400 db, Flame-Out avoid'nce
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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 14:33:33 EDT
In a message dated 6/29/99 8:44:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

 <   I am getting ready to use 300 ft of LMR 400 DB made by Times Microwave
 <stuff on the surface of the braid which I suspect  needs to be removed
< with some kind of solvent before soldering it.  Any recommendations on
 <what to use or how to handle  the installation of a pl 259?? Thanks,
 <Lindsey K4LRB
Hi Lindsey,  The sticky stuff is the "flooding compound" which makes the same 
LMR (standard) a "DB" or direct burial.  Glad you brought this up because 
hams get confused about DB vs. std.   Std. is cheaper and you can bury it, no 
differnece except the "sticky stuff" in the "DB" type is there in case your 
XYL goes nuts planting bulbs with a jack hammer.  The flood compound often 
(?) will seal punctures, slices, keeping water out.   
My suggestion to hams is to tell the family not to dig on "your" areas of 
buried treasure.  
In commercial applications it makes sense to use DB and also a conduit 
because of the many times we hear about contractors errantly striking 
underground lines, gas, etc.
To answser your question:  A commercial installer would likely carry 3M 
Scotch Cast # 4415, which we can provide.  As a ham, I use either gas, 
kerosene or Tyulinole (spelling?).  Easy as that to clean the goop off for 
soldering.  If all else fails, soak it in gas, light your torch, bend over 
and kiss your final amplifier goodbye (NOTE: Do not try this at home, you'll 
also see your PE jacketed LMR flame like a Xmas tree). 
And here's the best part:  We carry LMR, Heliax, RFS Cable wave, connectors 
(mfr and our custom made economicals for aforementioned and various CATV 
cable).  Our prices are the lowest that I can find.  Cheers,  Steve Davis, 
DAVIS RF Co., commercial wire and cable, custom cable design.  Discounts to 
hams.  Heliax, LMR, RFS, Belden, Poly Phaser Lightning Protection Devices.  
Various aerial wiring; transmission lines, insulators, baluns, RF connectors 
and Dacron rope. .  1-800-328-4773, (For all RF hardline 
related items, please ask for Steve Davis)   Thank you!
"The Triad":  Davis RF Co.; Orion Wire Corp.; and The Wire Man, Inc.:  
Variegated expertise; resources and buying power yielding numerous quality 
products at highly competitive pricing.

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