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[TowerTalk] Parallel conduits

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Parallel conduits
From: Jim" < (Jim)
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 14:48:25 -0700
There is a NEC  (National Electric Code) specification for separation of
conduits that carry different signals, I.e. power, telephone, low voltage
control circuits, etc. As I remember, the distance is 2 feet separation.

It wold be a good idea to follow NEC. If there is ever an inspection you
would be glad you did.

Good luck and 73

Jim W7RY

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Date: Thursday, July 29, 1999 3:14 AM
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Parallel conduits

>Not a problem here, have both parallel conduits and 110 ran in
>one with the coax, no problems on receive even with beverage
>antennas. Just use good shielded coax, decouple you receiving
>feedlines on the beverages etc.  Works for me.
>Merv K9FD
>>What are the collective thoughts about burying two PVC conduits in
>>in the same trench, one carrying antenna coax and the other carrying
>>for operating a remote antenna tuner?  For sure, no problem in transmit,
>>possible noise during receive??
>>Rod, KE6RSF
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