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Subject: [TowerTalk] New station/want to do it right!
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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 00:02:16 EDT
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> I'm the new guy on the block and am setting up a new station (tower ect.)
>  for the first time.  I am very mechanical and informed but there is much
>  unchartered seas that I must cover in this installation and I need All of
>  your inputs!!!

Hi, Mike --

      Oh boy, oh boy - a blank sheet of paper!

      The first tower and antenna system will be a learning experience but 
since you've been a TowerTalkian for awhile, you shouldn't make any serious 

      I would suggest a moderate tower with good-to-excellent antenna for the 
first tower. You can always put up a bigger, more elaborate one when your 
experience and expectations are more advanced.

      A key question is "What do you want your station to do?" Do you want to 
chase DX, operate contests, Work All Counties, ragchew with your buddies in 
Texas, etc.? Each activity has a different set of options and techniques.  
The advantage of putting up a 'moderate' tower (50 feet more or less) is that 
you can always use it for another antenna direction and more high angle paths 
even if you put up a bigger system. 
>  First, the tower needs a little refinishing on a few spots and was hoping
>  someone had a good "system" (pre treatment/zinc treatment), 

      Wire brush will take the rust off and then you can spray the spots with 
a good cold galvanizing spray. LPS makes a good one and the Klein is also one 
of the best. Avoid the cheap ones - you get what you pay for. Champion Radio 
Products carries the Klein.

> tribander
>  recommendations.  Currently planning on a KLM KT-34xa but am open to all
>  suggestions!  My goal: "Bigger ears (within reason) and a small mouth!"
>  Not planning on running any amps.   

       The XA is one of the 'high performance tribanders' so you can't go too 
wrong there. You might not be able to get a new one since KLM has bitten the 
dust and even then they have been using substandard parts that have affected 
its performance for the last couple of years.

      You might consider the Force 12 C31XR or Bencher Skyhawk - two very 
effective HF weapons. A copy of our tribander comparison report will answer 
all your questions about the dozen tribanders that we compared on-the-air. 
It's available from It's 80 pages of protocol, 
data sets and summaries.

Cheers & GL,  Steve    K7LXC
Champion Radio Products       

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