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[TowerTalk] Pinning masts

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pinning masts
From: (J.P. Kleinhaus)
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 20:43:49 -0400

It is not advisable to pin the mast to the rotor.  In fact, many
manufacturers of rotors tell you that if you do pin the mast
in the rotor, you'll void their warranty.

If you feel you need the additional "security," then a better idea
is to pin the antenna's to the mast and leave the mast free in
the rotor.  This way, if it does spin under a load, it is easier to spin 
the mast back to where it should be than to spin an individual antenna
somewhere up the mast.

I never pin both the antennas and the mast...if you do and a big
blow comes along, you have practically guaranteed that *something*
will break.

73, J.P. W2XX

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