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[TowerTalk] Isotron antennas & 80M buzzsaw from N0AH

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Isotron antennas & 80M buzzsaw from N0AH
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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 02:10:00 EDT
Greetings all-

I worked 34 states the first yr I used a 160 meter Isotron with a petty 500 
watt amp- and had a lot of 100 watt contacts- 

For DX, chalk up one JA and one tell me its just a tuned dummy 
load- Har!  but 1/4 wave vertical- not.........I had it mounted 20 feet up 
and 3 feet or so off the side of the house-

They are a bit better than a tuned dummy load and a fun antenna to impress 
the XYL........but now I have a Inv L for 160, and 120 acres, so I don't use 
it much- but for a backyard/antenna restricted area- it is ok for stateside 
stuff....but I would suggest listening on a multiband vertical or something 
like one...they high Q of the antenna gave me a high noise level-  but I used 
my 10-80 meter cushcraft AP8A multiband vertical to listen (poor man's bevg 
on 160) and the system worked great considering what I was using-  worked 25 
states in a ARRL 160 ph contest with that set up- 

I had to mess with the feedline lengths a bit- but once I found a good 
length- it was great considering it is about the size of a bird cage- I only 
got about a 5KHz bandwidth but found it easy to retune-  I had an older model 
 that I think they've modified it by making it on a longer cylinder for the 
inductor part of the antenna circuit....................The one I got was 
made in 1995 or there-about 

I would work guys, and get a 5x5...then I would tell them what I was running 
and get 5x1 etc and QSL's telling me what a real 160 meter antenna was all 
about-  I got plenty of "you just got lucky" remarks- man........its all in 
the mind on 160 meters-  

p.s. the buzzsaw on 80 meter reports keep coming far, wx radar tests 
out of Canada make the most sense to me but who knows-  the Mexican fishing 
fleet on USB  around 3.790-800MHz seem to have cooled their jets for a bit- 
but we shall see-  80 meters is really going to heck in a hand basket- wonder 
what Art Bell thinks about all this?????

Kind of funny that since I posted the original "Buzzsaw" report a couple 
weeks ago- buzzsaw postings are becoming a morning thing on the internet 
clusters-  gosh, did I start a new craze????

73  Paul   N0AH

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