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Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 05:42:15 EST
Not wishing to start a huge battle, but still looking for "some way" to 
satisfy the masses of people to whom "ham" means dinner meat, perhaps we 
should take a page out of the old protest handbook - make the system work for 
us, not against us.

One such path to enlightenment might be to form a "legal" church group, under 
which a tenet of teachings could be that we can speak to the big man/woman 
him/her self via radio waves sent from large aluminum structures placed on 
high. In the course of such one-sided discussions we could of course make 
contact with others of our own faith or even influence others to join our 
congregation. Perhaps Steve could become our first minister?

Then, let out right (as guaranteed by our "existing" laws) to worship speak 
for itself.

I offer this only as one possible "way" of making the system work for us, not 
against us...


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