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[Towertalk] Phillystran break strength vs. diameter?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Phillystran break strength vs. diameter?
From: (Jon Zaimes AA1K)
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 08:26:16 -0400

It may depend on the vintage of the Phillystran.

I just measured some HPTG4000 (3/16" equiv., uses preforms for end
termination; this is still new, on the reel) and some older 1/4" equivalent
that used the potted ends (was in use for several years). Both measured
just under 8 mm (about 5/16"). It appeared the HPTG4000 had a slightly
thicker jacket than the older stuff.

Rohn book says 3/16 is OK for all guys on 120 feet of Rohn 45 in 70 mph
wind load, but in 90 mph load zone they call for 1/4 inch on the top guys
and 3/16 on the two lower sets.

73/Jon AA1K

At 07:20 PM 9/11/02 -0700, you wrote:
>K4JNY and I are building yet another tower at his place, this one
>a Rohn 45.  We have acquired some Phillystran that formerly was
>holding a 100' Rohn 25 up until we pulled it all down last year.
>There is info about breaking strength for Phillystran, but nothing
>I can find that shows breaking strength vs. diameter.  According 
>to the calipers, what we have is .26".  What I can't tell is how
>to find out what the breaking str is for this.
>Questions:  Will this Phillystran, terminated to 1/4" EHS guy wire
>at the ends be adequate for holding up a 120' Rohn 45 tower done
>'by the Rohn book' for engineering and not overloaded with
>antennas?  Where can I locate diameter vs. breaking strength
>table for Phillystran?
>Scott W4PA
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