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Tom Champlin wrote:
There has been a lot posted about antenna restrictions. Here in the Kansas city area it's no different. Wanting to buy a new home, I have been to many, many new housing additions. I recently found an addition that had a few larger lots left. I currently use a TX-455 and X9 with slopers. I will have to give this up when I move next summer. As the builders are now offering cheap stereo systems with in-ceiling speakers, I will probably have to mothball the Alpha as well. I recently bought a Big SteppIR vertical that I hope I can somehow put up when I move. I selected the largest lot, which adjoins a horse ranch. The CC&R's in my subdivision say something like this:


No outside television or radio antenna, or satellite dish or receiver, shall be erected, installed or maintained on any Lot, or on any structure on the Lot, except that one satellite dish or receiver not exceeding two (2) feet in diameter shall be permitted on the side, roof, or chimney of a dwelling house.


No outbuildings, storage sheds, storage tanks, or any other free-standing structure detached from the residence shall be constructed or maintained on any Lot.

So, I guess If you want full blown ham radio, you need to live on a large acreage, away from other people. ($$$). Or, live in a shack next to a crack house where nobody cares. I doubt if anyone ever cracks the CC&R's on behalf of ham radio. I have to admit, I have seen some really trashy looking antenna setups. Most non-hams see all of them as trashy looking and a blight on the neighborhood, not to even mention the RFI. If I can use the vertical, I think it will satisfy my current needs.

HNY to all,

73, Tom W0HH


While things are not as they should be a great deal of positive progress has been made toward balance between Ham Radio and CC&R's.

According to FCC Regs the developers and eventual homeowners are responsible for the resistance of their built-in stereo systems to legal transmissions, not you.

There is now lots of case law and legislation in favor of Amateur Radio and against those who would write such absurd and legally obscene regs -- especially as such developments are becoming defacto monopolies in many communities.

Check with the folks at the ARRL as they have been gathering information about successful challenges to improperly restrictive CC&Rs.

Happy New Year & 73, doc kd4e

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