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To: Tom Champlin <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] CC&R's
From: "Alan C. Zack" <>
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2004 14:21:45 -0800
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I recently moved from a HOA controlled area.  At my old QTH, AFTER I
moved in, and AFTER I put up a small tower and beam the HOA added a
rules and regs restriction almost identical to what you show as your
section 13 rule.  Problem was I was fined for ignoring their new rules
then I took the HOA to small claims court.  Since most of the other
homes had outside TV antennas and those owners were not fined the
judge found in my favor.  But I still got hassled about the antenna
every couple of months and so would refer the judgment back to them.
My advise to you is to AVOID any home that comes under a HOA and/or
CC&R's.  When you buy into a HOA you are agreeing to THEIR terms, and
they are fully enforceable against you.  Not only because of ham radio
but many other factors, such as being fined for leaving your trash
cans at the curb over night, leaving your garage door open over 30
minutes, painting your doors the wrong color, having a McDonnalds
wrapper or paper cup blow into your yard and not removing it when the
HOA patrol roams past, allowing your shrubs to grow over 3 ft tall,
etc, etc, etc.  IMHO most HOA are composed of power hungry folks who
have nothing better to do than try to control other peoples lives. 
When I looked for my retirement home I told my agent, also a Ham, to
avoid anyplace with a HOA or CC&R's.  I looked at many lovely homes in
perfect areas, nice neighborhoods, beautiful homes, with NO HOA or
CC&R's and bought one a couple of months ago.
Here in the Las Vegas area most new homes have HOA/CC&R.  The new
homes also have small lots and building problems.  My home is 5 years
old.  I am the second owner.  The house has had a chance to show any
defects to the first owner.  The previous owner had numerous upgrades
done on his original purchase.  The place is nicely landscaped saving
me a big expense.  I have RV parking in my side yard, behind a gate,
that I could not have in a new home.  And there are NO antenna
restrictions.  This is a newer, much bigger house and lot than my
previous QTH, and cost about 1/3 less of what I sold my old QTH for.

Tom Champlin wrote:
> There has been a lot posted about antenna restrictions. Here in the Kansas
> city area it's no different. Wanting to buy a new home, I have been to many,
> many new housing additions. I recently found an addition that had a few
> larger lots left. I currently use a TX-455 and X9 with slopers. I will have
> to give this up when I move next summer. As the builders are now offering
> cheap stereo systems with in-ceiling speakers, I will probably have to
> mothball the Alpha as well. I recently bought a Big SteppIR vertical that I
> hope I can somehow put up when I move. I selected the largest lot, which
> adjoins a horse ranch. The CC&R's in my subdivision say something like this:
>                            SECTION 13
> No outside television or radio antenna, or satellite dish or receiver, shall
> be erected, installed or maintained on any Lot, or on any structure on the
> Lot, except that one satellite dish or receiver not exceeding two (2) feet
> in diameter shall be permitted on the side, roof, or chimney of a dwelling
> house.
>                            SECTION 15
> No outbuildings, storage sheds, storage tanks, or any other free-standing
> structure detached from the residence shall be constructed or maintained on
> any Lot.
> So, I guess If you want full blown ham radio, you need to live on a large
> acreage, away from other people. ($$$). Or, live in a shack next to a crack
> house where nobody cares. I doubt if anyone ever cracks the CC&R's on behalf
> of ham radio. I have to admit, I have seen some really trashy looking
> antenna setups. Most non-hams see all of them as trashy looking and a blight
> on the neighborhood, not to even mention the RFI. If I can use the vertical,
> I think it will satisfy my current needs.
> HNY to all,
> 73, Tom W0HH
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