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Subject: re: [TowerTalk] weatherproof boxes
From: Pete Smith <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 14:20:21 -0500
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At 11:09 AM 1/7/04 -0800, Jim Lux wrote:
But just the ticket to put that big loading coil and tuning components out at the feed with!

I've had very good luck with $4 Rubbermaid Rough Totes, and I spend the leftover $71 on stuff to go inside them ;^).

Seriously ... I mount the stuff on a sheet of aluminum -- from a salvaged road sign, thanks to the local Highway Department office -- and mount the Rough Tote on the tower, lid out, using U-bolts through the tote and the aluminum to hold the whole thing securely in place. Windows easily cut in the downward-facing side of the tote pass cables in and out, with appropriate drip loops. If I were mounting lightning arresters, I'd put them on the plate and bond the strap to its lower edge, passing through the opening to a ground rod right below.

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