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Whew!!!  Couldn't have said it better myself...  errr..  I couldn't have
spelled most of it myself.

Thanks for a lesson in letter writing.


Thanks again from all of us.

Gil, W1RG
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> last post here on this topic.  I googled IDG and
> found the managing editor.  This post is to close the loop,
> and give you the email addresses. Let's not flame
> the boss, though, it'll just annoy her.  Probably the same
> goes for Gross.  Let's see if they respond.
> 73, N2EA
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> Subject: BPL
> Dear Ms. Heichler:
> I am writing to raise your sensitivity on a topic of serious
> concern.  There is a great deal of power industry hype at
> present regarding a "new" technology, broadband over power
> lines, or BPL.
> This was the subject of a recent article by your Washington
> correspondent, Grant Gross.  Unfortunately, Mr. Gross fell
> victim to power industry hype, and outright lies by some of
> their representatives.  The result is highly misleading to
> the investment community, and to your readership in general.
> The first point, completely missed in both of Mr. Grant's stories
> on the topic, is that the power industry ALREADY HAS BPL.  It is
> subject to restrictions on radiation.  They're asking that those
> restrictions be relaxed, permitting increased interference.
> The second point, completely missed by Mr. Gross, due to apparent
> reliance on power-industry handouts, is that other nations have
> evaluated BPL and elected to ban it on technical merit.
> Austria has recently joined the ranks of Japan and the UK to
> stop their BPL trials.  vide infra for details:
> Against that background, consider the following quotations from
> Mr. Grant's most recent article:
> "Our experience in the field contradicts what (the ARRL is) alleging,"
> Kilbourne said. "We're entirely satisfied that there won't be any
> interference."
> and...
> "(Interference) just doesn't exist," Birnbaum said. "They based a lot
> of their assumptions on outdated noise flow analysis."
> If you can figure out what 'noise flow' is, let me know.  Gobbledygook.
> The final point is this:  If BPL isn't working within present
> noise restrictions, and the power industry is asking for a relaxation of
> those restrictions...can it be for anything BUT increased noise?  And at
> what price to society?  Public safety, general business, emergency
> air traffic control and navigation are only a few of the affected
> Amateur radio plays a very minor role in that equation.
> More importantly, I believe IDG/InfoWorld has a responsibility to fully
> inform its readers, not mislead them.  You're in a technology driven
> What is the merit of the underlying technology?
> Does it make sense for the power industry to invest billions in broadband
> data transmission over transmission lines designed to carry power, when
> that same industry very clearly demonstrated last year that it can't
> reliably
> supply power itself?
> The disagregation of power suppliers from power distributors...selling the
> outside
> plant off...transfers a lot of deferred maintenance to companies without
> economic base or regulatory supervision to demonstrably maintain service
> the
> long run.  And THESE are the people whom the FCC suggests will bring us a
> great
> new technology?  I don't buy it.  I don't think once-burned dot-com
> investors will
> buy it either.  Not in today's climate.
> Might I suggest assigning Mr. Grant a research piece on the underlying
> economics
> of BPL?  Not only does BPL not present compelling technology, it's far
> a
> compelling investment.  I'd be happy to point him to market theory which
> would
> explain the relationship between market share and ROI.
> With best regards,
> Jim Jarvis, BS, MBA
> International Business Development
> Salesforce Development Programs
> Strategic Marketing Analysis
> 410 439 1073 office
> 443 618 5560 cell
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See:  for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless Weather 
Stations", and lot's more.  Call Toll Free, 1-800-333-9041 with any questions 
and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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