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[TowerTalk] pucker factor; installing masts in towers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] pucker factor; installing masts in towers
From: "Jim Jarvis" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 16:09:51 -0000
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Following k4OJ's comments about this, for anyone
who hasn't contemplated the installation problems:

The largest mast you can install in a tower, once the
tower is assembled, is limited by your gin pole height
and weight bearing capacity.

I strongly recommend placing the mast in the tower before
the top section goes on...and preferrable while the tower
is being erected...let it sit on the ground while you build
the tower, then haul it up and pull it into place with 
a come-along.

IF, however, you are forced to attempt the 'balance a straw
on a pinhead' exercise, it's best to do this with the top
section of tower removed, securing the mast with rope, and 
then push-pulling the mast UP through the top, after it's 

The physical relationship between height of ginpole and height
of mast?  Looks like you can tie to the mast, just
above the mid point, so it's bottom-heavy...and the mast could
approach 2x the free ginpole length above the tower, if you
remove the top section.  Leave the top section on, and you 
have a smaller target, offset from the ginpole, and you'll be 
more limited.  

Don't even THINK of trying to thread a heavy mast down 
through a tapered top section, even with a gin-pole. 
You're pulling off-axis, and you wind up having to horse 
the mast into the tower top.  Very dicey, even with no wind. 
If you're lucky, you'll only hurt your back.   

Good luck!

n2ea, Jim


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