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[TowerTalk] Hand winch question

Subject: [TowerTalk] Hand winch question
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 00:17:20 EST
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Hey Steve,
In your original posting, you called it a "typical boat type winch". Like is 
on the trailer to haul the hull out of the water and secure it on the trailer?

The only ones like this I have seen, that "ratchet", have a spring loaded 
"dog" that follows the notches as you crank. To release, take tension on the 
"rope" by turning the handle enough to allow the "dog" to be held back on it's 
spring while you continue to hold tension on the crank handle. Every so often, 
let the load go back onto the dog and reposition your hand for another "safe" 
partial rotation...release of line from the spool...

IF dog won't release, look for crud blocking it's movement, or 
worse...deformed dog that is jammed.

Just my "old" thoughts. YMMV.

Stay safe,

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