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Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 14:51:10 -0400
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>In a message dated 6/1/2007 9:13:46 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
> writes:

>  At a former QTH with less wind exposure I had a 20/15/10  stack of W2PV 
>4el monobanders on 20' of 2 3/8 OD galvanized cast pipe.  Except for eating 
>rotators (Daiwa and Create even using 2 thrust bearings)  it survived just 
>fine thru many northeasters, CAT 2 & 3 hurricanes and  ice storms while on 
>100' of 25G. Im sure that there are many parts of  the country that cast pipe 
>would fail 
>but dont discount it  altogether.

>In other words, you lucked  out!
>Steve    K7LXC

Also...if you are only planning on a single moderately-sized (i.e. not a 40m 
full sized) antenna immediately above a thrust bearing, I don't see anything 
wrong with using heavy-wall conduit for a mast. 

I use heavy-wall conduit from Lowes for masts on both of my towers. One has a 
Force 12 EF420/240, the other a 6 el 15m with 36' boom. Both are only an inch 
or so above the thrust bearings, with nothing stacked above them (ok, there is 
a TV antenna on one mast). Both have been through storms nearly up to our 70mph 
county windspeed.



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