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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] radials
From: Dan <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 17:35:00 -0700
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Steve: I just gave a PPT presentation for our club called "Antenna Hints 
and Kinks" In that are pictures and discussion of an attachment I built 
for plowing in radials plus much more  I originally mounted it on a 
large riding mower with a spool of wire above it. Since moving to 
Spokane from Texas I mounted it on my tractor. In Texas I plowed in 24 
160m radials in less than an hour. The PPT is on our club web page The link is at the bottom of the first page. There are 
thirty odd slides in it. It lasts about an hour. The slides are moved by 
double clicking and at the lower LH corner is a small speaker image. 
Double click it for the narration that goes with each slide. Nearly all 
of the ideas are mechanical gadgets used in my station which have been 
learned in 60 years of hamming. There is one slight error in the 
presentation, I referred to RG134 teflon coax and of course I meant RG142.
Enjoy, 73, Dan, N5AR wrote:
> I am planning a 160M vertical with radials.? I am looking for a device that 
> will attach to my tractor's 3 point hitch and cut a narrow and shallow slit 
> in the ground.? I know Verizon using something similar but it also feeds the 
> wire in the trench and it is?deeper than what I desire.
> I understand about laying radials on the ground and letting grass grow over 
> them so they disappear.? I have done that and it works when you have grass or 
> vegetation to grow.? The area I am planning to work has little vegetation so 
> I want to lay the wire in a shallow slit and tack it down with lawn staples 
> or similar.? I do not want the radial wire laying on the surface.
> Please advise if you know of a tractor implement or other device?that may 
> meet my needs.? I could use my old suburban edger with a batch of blades but 
> that isn't a lot of fun in Virginia summer heat, but it is a backup plan.
> The shallow slit could be one to two inches and make me really happy.
> 73, Steve, k4fj
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